How You Can Improve Your Outdoor Living Space

When you own a home, the outside is just as important as the inside. Not only do you want it to feel like the perfect space for your family, but you also want it to be inviting to all your guests. Home Improvements can often times feel like a chore, but when you pick a dependable concrete contractor, like Sam The Concrete Man, we can help customize your needs and find the right style for your lifestyle.

Now that we are nearing the end of the month, we wanted to look back on National Home Improvement Month and see what our most popular outdoor space trends are.

Your patio is the hub of your backyard. You relax, eat, and entertain on your patio. So why not make it fit your style. We offer a number of options for a concrete patio that will make it stand out. Our most popular tool is to stamp the concrete with different patterns. It will then appear to look like a Brick, Stone, Slate, or Wood patio with all the durability of a concrete one. And this will be for half the cost. On average wood patios cost $2 more a square foot and brick or stone is 4x the amount of concrete. At Sam The Concrete Man we offer a variety of different stamps and stains to help create the perfect patio for you.

Walkways are a big part of how your outdoor landscape looks. They usually lead you to the entertaining space and should reflect your home’s aesthetics. Just like your patio there are many different ways to improve your concrete walkway. You can stamp, stain, or color the walkway. You can also have concrete poured into place to look like steppingstones. The biggest benefit to pouring
concrete in place, is the strength of the concrete. While you have the floating stone aesthetic, the
stones cannot be lifted up or moved, ever. Sam The Concrete Man will help take your vision and make you the most durable and visually pleasing walkway for your backyard.

What better way to update your outdoor space than to add an activity that your whole family that will serve you for years to come. A concrete sports court can be set up to be used for Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Tetherball, and a variety of other activities. You can even get your court stained or colored to match your outdoor space or aesthetic. This is not only a fun addition to your home, but it helps the property value. At Sam The Concrete Man we can help you figure the best way to add a concrete sports court to your yard. We can find a way to make this a part of your patio or create a separate space for the court.

Did you know an outdated and damaged pool deck can bring down the value of your home? One of the biggest trends we have been seeing is replacing your boring concrete pool deck with a stamped and colored concrete pool deck. The most popular pool decks among our customers have been stamped in wood and stone slate stamps. They love it because they do not have to worry about stones coming out of place or wood wearing down quickly in the sun or rain. Sam The Concrete Man will help
you customize your deck to fit your needs. Pools are already difficult enough to maintain without having to work with one that has a deck which is falling apart.

A polished outdoor living space can do wonders for your home value and the value of your life at home. Here at Sam The Concrete Man we collaborate with you to find what helps your property and your family. From the moment you schedule a free estimate, we try to find the best way to accommodate you and make sure that the concrete lasts for years. Contact our team of experts today to schedule your free estimate now!