Concrete Patios

Why Choose Concrete Patios vs Other Materials

Replacing your old patio or building a new patio is an important decision that will improve your home for decades to come. With so many different kinds of materials to choose between, such as wood, stone, composite, and concrete, it’s important to choose the best investment for your new patio.

When compared to other materials, concrete provides many distinct advantages. With unbeatable strength, easy maintenance, many environmental benefits, and added home appeal, concrete is without a doubt the ideal choice for any patio.


Concrete has stood the test of time and can last over 30 years if maintained properly. In comparison, wood decks on average last just one-third to half as long as our concrete, while requiring continuous upkeep and rigorous maintenance schedules. Concrete is also the only material trusted to withstand the rigors of weather in any climate. From pouring rain to sub-freezing temperatures and blizzarding snow, concrete doesn’t budge. Unlike stone, which can easily become cracked or dislodged due to extreme weather or temperatures, concrete endures.

Easy Maintenance

When compared to other materials available for patio installation, concrete is by far the easiest to maintain. When adding your new concrete patio, we strongly encourage adding a sealer, thereby improving the already amazing longevity of our excellent concrete patios. Below are some advantages of using a sealer on concrete:

  • Sealer protects the concrete from freeze-thaw cycles, road salts, stains, and more.
  • Doesn’t need to be resealed for at least 3 years, whereas other materials need it once a year or even 6 months after installation.

Concrete keeps the cleaning process easy, needing only a broom, hose, or power washer to restore the beautiful look of your amazing new concrete patio, no matter what mother nature has thrown at it. And since concrete is so durable, unlike wood or stone, it can withstand any nylon brush scrubbing or power washing that it may need, as often as it might need, and for as long as you need it.

Environmentally Friendly

Concrete is a sustainable alternative for patios because of its energy efficiency, long-life cycle, and lower life-cycle costs. During the production stage of concrete, it uses less energy when compared to the production of other materials. Lumber needs constant staining and finishing which increases chemical waste, not to mention wood patios don’t last as long, adding more waste to the pile. Homeowners who choose concrete have a long-lasting patio with very little maintenance, they preserve more trees, and in the long run, it is more cost-effective. Concrete can also be recycled and reused!

Extra Appeal To Your Home

Having the opportunity to design your outdoor living space to fit your style is always important. If you were to install a wood or composite deck, there are only a few design options to choose from. However, when it comes to concrete installation there are endless options! Here are just a few, out of many, concrete patio ideas to inspire and get you thinking of what will look best in your backyard: 

  • Colored Concrete: With this option, you can put your personal styling touch into the concrete and compliment the exterior paint color of your home. If you aren’t sure what color and don’t want to commit to a full-color base, don’t worry you can consider a color-release sealer that contrasts with the existing concrete.
  • Stamped Concrete Patio: Step up your game with a design in your concrete like stone or wood. This way you still have the durability and low maintenance concrete offers while still getting the look of a different material. Get a wood plank or flagstone stamp and enjoy the look of wood without the maintenance and the look of flagstone without weeds growing through the seams. These are just a few stamped design options but there are so many more. Slate, brick, ashlar, cobblestone, and seamless slate to name a few.
  • Different Concrete Shapes: Concrete has extensive design flexibility compared to composite or wood. Your new concrete patio can be just about any shape you want and we will work with you to find the best shape for your space! Whether that is a rectangle, oval, circle, or even an oblong shape, concrete can do it all and Sam The Concrete Man can help.

Different Types of Concrete Patios

Whether your backyard is small or large, deciding what patio fits your yard best may be difficult. These concrete patio ideas will help inspire you to make the right decision to match your ideal design aesthetic.

Stamped Concrete

A stamped concrete patio is a great way to add some style and flair to your patio. The amount of concrete stamps to choose from is extensive – matching anything from rustic to modern styles. Here are a few stamped concrete design options to consider:

  • Brick Stamp: Brick stamping is a great design option that allows you to keep a classic look while giving you a step up from broom-finished concrete. Want to add even more spice to it? Try using a herringbone pattern!
  • Cobblestone Stamp: Cobblestone has been around for centuries, originally dating to ancient times. Using cobblestone stamping offers an antique aesthetic to your patio by bringing the old world to your outdoor living space.
  • Large Ashlar Slate: Modern concrete designs are becoming more and more popular, especially for patios. A large ashlar slate design is a great way to create this sleek modern patio look. The best part, you get the look without the intensive tile installation process.
Brick Stamped Patio
Brick Stamp
Cobblestone Stamp Patio
Cobblestone Stamp
Large Ashlar Slate

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Take your plain concrete and enhance the design by showing a sand or stone texture on your next patio. Exposed Aggregate is a great material to use for patios as it can withstand heavy wear and tear and resists cracking. This means you can add heavier patio furniture and worry less about it causing damage, like cracking. Exposed aggregate is a safer material to use, there is less chance of slipping due to the exposed stone.

Colored Concrete

If you are wanting to add a pop of color to your new patio, colored concrete is a great option. The fun part is that you get to match your patio furniture to pull the whole look together with your backyard design. Concrete colors range from different shades of gray to different shades of red. This allows you the opportunity to make your outdoor space look classic, modern, elective, or even Aztec!

Stained Concrete

With stained concrete, you can apply it to a new design or even revamp your current concrete. Staining has always been a popular method due to its many advantages, one being its incredible design flexibility. You can create anything imaginable that suits your design vision and budget, there is no limit to how big or small you want to go. The stain penetrates deeply into the concrete increasing durability and ensuring the color won’t fade or flake away. There are two different types of stains to choose from, depending on the look you want.

  • Acid-based stain: A chemical reaction occurs with the concrete, creating natural color variations similar to marble or granite. Acid stains can also resemble wood, great for a patio design. Colors include tan, browns, terra cottas, and soft blue greens.
  • Water-based stain: This offers a full spectrum of shades, allowing you to go beyond the subtle acid-based colors, helping you broaden your options even more. You can view color charts to see which colors for your stained concrete patio will match the best.
Concrete Stamped Bordered Patio

Concrete Border

Concrete borders are a great way to add upscale flair to your new concrete patio at an affordable price point. If you are not ready to commit to a fully stamped concrete patio, a stamped border is the perfect alternative to spice up your backyard patio!

Circle Patio

What’s better than spending the night cooking smores on your private and secluded patio? A circular patio is a perfect option for you if you are looking for a unique concrete patio idea. Circle patios also offer an amazing platform for a firepit as well.

Wrap-Around Patio

Elevating your entire property is possible with a wrap-around patio/porch. Not only does it give you multiple spots to relax, but it also offers better curb appeal. Add some Adirondack chairs on the front near your walkway for your morning coffee, and lounge chairs on your concrete patio to enjoy a nice sunset dinner!

Current Cost of Concrete

The cost of concrete is measured in two different ways. Ordering concrete from a ready mix supplier means the price will be by the yard, but working with a contractor the price will be by square footage. The cost per square foot ranges anywhere between $10-$15, and $180 per yard (not considering paying for the ready mix delivery fee). Many factors go into a concrete price analysis including grading, subbase preparation, concrete forms and finishing, reinforcement, and the local cost of concrete. Concrete supply can also greatly affect the price.  Concrete is built to last which is an important factor for patios. Having a reliable space to hang out with no worries of maintenance makes for a stress-free homeowner and party host.

Average Concrete Patio Cost

Finding an affordable option for your patio depends on the material, but concrete proves to last the longest and is worth the investment. With the right care, concrete can last decades! Concrete psi (pounds per square inch) is the main price factor as it measures the compressive strength of concrete. The higher the concrete psi, the more expensive it will be per cubic yard. In terms of concrete psi for a patio, you will most likely not need to withstand a lot of weight (like a driveway) so for a concrete patio, a concrete psi of 3000 is common. Based on current cost factors, here is the price structure of concrete psi per cubic yard:

  • 3,000psi: $180
  • 3,500psi: $200
  • 4,000psi: $220
  • 4,500psi: $240

In addition to weight constraints on certain levels of psi, the region of the US you’re located in also plays a big part. 3500psi is used in warmer temperature locations whereas 4000psi is for colder locations. The 4500psi is usually meant for commercial-level projects. To ensure your concrete lasts you as long as possible, choosing the right psi is very important.

Design factors also affect the average concrete patio cost. These include patio size, property condition, design, and whether it’s an installation of a new patio or refreshing an existing one. A short load fee is also sometimes present if the job requires less than 3 yards of concrete. Below are some concrete styles by cost, price based on per sq ft.:

Standard finish: No decorative, finishes or colors. ($10-$12)
Simple design: Includes one coloring or decorative design. ($12-$14)
Custom Design Patio
Custom design: Includes two or three colors or a border. ($14+)

Finding modern concrete patio ideas that stand out can be challenging, but design options are endless. The best part is that once you find a design that suits your preferences best, you can feel confident going into the project knowing that whichever one you choose, it’ll last you a long time.

Why Use Sam The Concrete Man For Your New Concrete Patio?

With all the different options of concrete, there is more creative freedom you can bring into your outdoor patio space. A patio is trendy to have in today’s world and Sam The Concrete Man can help you redesign your space. With concrete being the most popular material in the US, you need a company you can trust and why not trust a business with more than 30 years of experience in the field? We offer unlimited design potential ranging from cobblestone and brick stamps to exposed aggregate to staining options. Want to change the layout as well? Don’t worry, we can create circular patios which are great for fire pits, or a whole wrap-around patio covering the whole perimeter of your home. We will work with you to design the very best concrete patio for your space within your budget.

There are many reasons for choosing Sam The Concrete Man to install your new concrete patio. First, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. We will be there to help every step of the way, guiding you however much you need so your project turns out exactly as you visioned. Second, we guarantee the highest quality concrete and installation. We are on-site during the pour of your new patio ensuring everything is completed to your standards. Lastly, professionalism is very important to us. We come prepared for your onsite estimate with different informational materials and even print proposals on-site.

Our professional concrete contractors are in your area and welcome you to get a free estimate today. A proposal will be written and printed for you on-site, giving you something to think about right away! We look forward to working with you on your next concrete project.


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