Concrete Walkways

Why Go With Concrete Walkways vs Other Materials

When it comes to replacing your old walkway or building a new one, there are many types of materials you have to decide between. With so many kinds of materials available, such as gravel, mulch, pavers, and concrete, it’s important to choose the best material for your new walkway investment. We are going to take a look at a few of these materials and show why we believe the best investment for your new walkway is concrete!

Stepping stones are a common design feature for walkways but there are many disadvantages to it. The maintenance is more challenging and time consuming, especially if they are surrounded by rocks or grass. Weeds can grow more easily which means you have to buy and use more harmful chemicals. Not to mention, if you have to mow the grass around the stones there are complications that come with it. Whereas if you install a concrete walkway, you can choose many different stamped concrete design options to mimic the look of real stone without the hassle that comes with real stone

Mulch and gravel represent inexpensive options for walkway designs. However, they also pose more maintenance care and frequent replacements. Concrete doesn’t need to be replaced for up to 30 years, but it is recommended to replace mulch yearly! Imagine having to worry about buying supplies, mulch, and possibly hiring a contractor once a year when you could instead install concrete walkways.

When compared to other materials, concrete gives many distinct advantages. With unbeatable strength, easy maintenance, environmental benefits, and added home appeal, concrete is without a doubt the ideal choice for your next walkway. Not to mention concrete offers limitless design options!


Concrete has stood the test of time and can last over 30 years if maintained properly! Concrete stands up to the test of weather so your walkways can withstand sub-freezing temperatures, pouring rain, and blizzarding snow. Unlike stone, which can become dislodged or cracked due to extreme weather conditions.

Easy Maintenance

Of all the materials available for walkway installation, concrete is by far the easiest to maintain. When you get a concrete walkway poured, make sure a sealer is applied. Sealer adds protection to the concrete from freeze-thaw cycles, road salts, stains, and more. The great thing about concrete sealer is it doesn’t need to be resealed for at least 3 years. Concrete walkways can also be cleaned much easier than stone. All you need is a hose, broom, or power washer! Since concrete is so durable, it can withstand any nylon brush scrubbing or power washing it may need.

Environmentally Friendly

Concrete material is a sustainable alternative for walkways because of its energy efficiency, long-life cycle, and lower life-cycle costs. During the production stage of concrete, it uses less energy when compared to the production of other materials like wood. Lumber needs constant staining and finishing which increases chemical waste. Homeowners who choose concrete have a long-lasting walkway with very little maintenance, they preserve more trees, and in the long run, it is more cost-effective. Concrete can also be recycled and reused as a base for new concrete installation!

Concrete Offers Limitless Design Options

When renovating your outdoor space, you may think to update your patio, driveway, or even your pool deck. One thing you may not immediately think to update is your old and cracking concrete walkway. However, when you think about your walkway it is the first impression a visitor will have when they visit your home. Make the concrete renovation choice and revamp the front of your house with a new modern concrete walkway.

Concrete Sealing

Sealing is a great way to keep your concrete looking new and most importantly it protects from road salts, oil stains, harsh weather conditions, and much more. Replacing your walkway with new concrete is the way to go if you are looking to keep a classic, simple look. You may not think updating your previous concrete with new concrete will make a huge difference, but it will. You can choose for the sealer to blend in with the newly installed walkway or spice it up and have it add shine. 

Sealed Concrete Walkway

Colored Concrete Walkway

Looking to go beyond just the sealing method? Choose to add color into the concrete while still keeping a clean look to your walkway. There are two different types of color you can use when installing a concrete walkway. Release colors are a topcoat that is applied after the concrete is poured and adds contrast to the existing concrete. Base colors are dry colors that get mixed into the concrete on-site, so all the concrete represents that color. The best part about these options is that either allows you to transform your concrete while still being cost effective.

Colored Concrete Walkway

Stamped Concrete Walkway

You can also completely transform the look of your walkway or entryway with the option of stamped concrete walkways. Although this is more costly, you get the perk of having a unique dimension to your walkway that your neighbors will not have. There are different stamped designs including cobblestone, ashlar slate, brick, and much more. This gives you many options to choose from so you can match your new stamped concrete design to your specific style. To go above and beyond the stamping, you can also add color to add that extra wow factor into your concrete walkway. This is the perfect way to spice up your outdoor space to match your personality.

Stamped Concrete Walkway

Different Types of Concrete Walkways

The decision of what material to use can be overwhelming so you may be asking yourself, “which walkway material is the best?” We are here to help you learn the differences between the materials so your decision is easier to make and to ensure you choose the material that best fits you.

Concrete Walkways

Concrete walkways are an amazing option if you are looking for something durable that will last you up to 30 years! Not only is concrete more sustainable, but concrete walkway costs are more efficient than other options. Concrete is also a great alternative as you can choose between many different design options to match your style:

  • Concrete Border
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Colored Concrete
Concrete Walkway

Paver Walkways

Pavers are one of the most popular materials used for walkways. Like concrete walkways, paver walkways give you the ability to choose designs that fit best with the overall style you are looking for. There are dozens of options ranging in color, texture, size, and shape. Using pavers for your walkway does tend to run 10-15% higher in price compared to concrete walkways.

Paver Walkway

Gravel Walkways

Gravel walkways are a great alternative when you are looking for something that is more cost-effective. This option is less expensive because there is less labor that goes into installing gravel walkways. Although gravel will give a more natural look compared to pavers or concrete, it will be messier in the long run! With wind, rain, snow etc., the gravel is going to move into your yard causing more work in the end.

Gravel Walkway

Flagstone Walkways

Flagstone is the most expensive walkway material on the market. One of the reasons it is more costly is due to the time of labor it takes to set each unique piece into a proper pattern. Flagstone ranges anywhere from $15-$20 a square foot, in comparison to concrete runs from $10-$14 per square foot. Flagstone offers a more upscale, natural, and rustic look so if this matches your style taste, try out flagstone. However, if you like the look but not the price, you can always install a concrete walkway with a flagstone stamp for a fraction of the price.

Flagstone Walkway

Current Cost of Concrete

Cost of concrete is measured in two different ways. Ordering concrete from a ready mix supplier means the price will be by yard, but working with a contractor the price will be by square footage. The cost per square foot ranges anywhere between $10-15, and $180 per yard (not considering paying for the ready mix delivery fee). There are many factors that go into a concrete price analysis including: grading, subbase preparation, concrete forms and finishing, reinforcement, and the local cost of concrete.

Concrete is built to last which is an important factor for walkways. Having a nice concrete walkway to your front door will make your house look nicer and even make your neighbors a little jealous.

Average Cost of a Concrete Walkway

There are many different factors that go into spicing up your walkway. One of those major factors being the concrete walkway cost. Replacing your existing concrete walkway has many cost factors from labor, size, time, material, and more. 

Finding an affordable option for your walkway depends on the material, but concrete proves to last the longest and is worth the investment. Concrete psi (pounds per square inch) is the main price factor as it measures the compressive strength of concrete. The higher the concrete psi, the more expensive it will be per cubic yard. Concrete psi for a walkway ranges from 3500-4000 psi. Based on current cost factors, here is the price structure of concrete psi per cubic yard:

  • 3,000psi: $180
  • 3,500psi: $200
  • 4,000psi: $220
  • 4,500psi: $240

Another factor that plays into the cost of a walkway are the styling options. Don’t feel limited to a plain concrete walkway, consider other style options! Below are some styles by cost so you can get more of an idea of what the cost of your vision is. These concrete walkway ideas will give you the perfect blueprint to start the renovation of your new walkway.

Standard Finish Walkway
Standard finish: No decorative, finishes or colors. ($10-$12)
Simple Design Walkway
Simple design: Includes one coloring or decorative design. ($12-$14)
Custom Design Walkway
Custom design: Includes two or three colors or a border. ($14+)

Why Use Sam The Concrete Man For Your New Concrete Walkway?

With all the different options of concrete, there is more creative freedom you can bring to your walkway. Sam The Concrete Man can help you redesign your walkway, seeing the project through all the way to the end. With concrete being the most popular material in the US, you need a company you can trust and why not trust a business with more than 30 years of experience in the field. We offer unlimited design potential so your creativity is not limited. We want you to have a quality walkway that fits your style and enhances your home.

There are many reasons for choosing Sam The Concrete Man to install your new concrete walkway. First, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. If you aren’t quite sure what exactly you are looking for, we will be there to help every step of the way. Second, we guarantee the highest quality concrete and installation. We are on-site during the pour of your new walkway making sure everything is completed to your standards. Lastly, professionalism is very important to us. We come prepared for your onsite estimate with different informational materials and even print proposals on site.

Our professional concrete contractors are in your area and welcome you to get a free quick estimate today. So bring your creativity skills and start designing your concrete walkway today!


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