Should You Repair or Replace Your Cracked Concrete Driveway?

How to Determine if You Need to Replace Your Cracked Driveway

Concrete is a durable, long-lasting building material, but like most things, it will age with time and begin to deteriorate. Driveways are one of those surfaces that are subjected to a lot of wear and tear from constant pressure and weight. If your concrete is beginning to crack or buckle, you may be wondering if you need to repair or replace your concrete entirely. We’ve gathered some of the most common questions homeowners ask about driveway repair and answered them for you.

Why do Concrete Driveways Crack?

Concrete driveways are durable and last a long time but they do have their limitations. There are three main reasons why we start to see cracks in concrete.

  1. Weather: The most common culprit of concrete driveways cracking is because concrete is a porous material and absorbs water easily. Freeze/thaw cycles and excessive moisture can be damaging, and the expansion and contraction of the concrete during temperature fluctuations can take a toll on the strength of your driveway. 
  2. Installation: When concrete is not properly cured it may become weak or fall apart. Hence, waiting for the proper curing time is essential for the longevity of your driveway.
  3. Buckling caused by too much pressure or weight: Your driveway is usually the home for a couple of cars and possibly even an RV. These are all heavy vehicles that concrete needs to be able to withstand which is why having the correct concrete PSI is important.
Cracked Driveway

How do You Know The Severity of The Cracks?

For most homeowners, it might be difficult to determine how urgent it might be to handle your concrete driveway cracks. Due to the amount of weight that’s put on driveways from your passenger vehicles to larger machinery, that one crack could turn into an even larger one. Always be aware that cracks and crumbling will only get worse once they’ve started. If you are not sure whether a repair will fix the issues for the long run, contact a professional concrete contractor to assess the damage.

Can I Repair The Crack Myself?

It’s important to be aware of the fact that DIY concrete repair kits exist but patching cracks in a driveway is not a long term solution. We depend on our driveways to be structurally sound and if cracking has begun, it’s always recommended to replace the entirety of your driveway. Filling cracks will only temporarily fix your problem and could possibly cause more damage and money down the road.

How Many Cracks Are Too Many Cracks?

When you start to see one crack, this usually means more will appear in the near future. Hire a professional concrete contractor who can examine the concrete cracks. At Sam The Concrete Man we provide free on-site estimates so we can give you our expert opinion. 

If a full driveway replacement is advised, hiring a contractor will ensure the job is done correctly and you won’t end up with any unexpected surprises down the road. It’s also beneficial to hire someone experienced because they may be able to see problems with the driveway’s foundation you weren’t aware of.

Why Choose Sam The Concrete Man For a Driveway Replacement

With 30+ years of experience in the industry, we have assessed many faulty concrete driveways and replaced them with durable, long-lasting concrete. We want to offer you a free on-site estimate so we can inspect and provide our professional opinion on the matter. We will never try to sell you a service that you do not need, Sam The Concrete Man is only here to help make your home safer.


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