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Commercial Concrete Trash Pad

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Commercial Concrete Trash Pad

Commercial concrete trash pad

Trash Pad

Since 1989, Sam the Concrete Man has been delivering top quality concrete trash pads to businesses and multi-residential buildings across the country.

Now we’re bringing that proven national service and small-town approach to customer care to businesses in Columbus, Ohio.

Our experts are standing by to assist you with every stage of your concrete pad installation, from design and installation to acquiring the right permits for your new addition. And after nearly 30 years of concrete pad installation, our experienced contractors know how much room typical delivery trucks need to maneuver, which can help you catch oversights during the planning stage.

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Ever wonder why so many businesses and multi-residential properties in Columbus, Ohio invest in concrete pads for their trash cans and dumpsters?

Trash pads, known sometimes as “dumpster pads,” are not strictly required for businesses in Columbus, Ohio. However, installing concrete pads for trash cans and dumpsters will greatly reduce wear and tear caused by the repetitive shifting and dropping of your container’s weight on the surface.

Moreover, by reducing the risk of containers sliding and toppling over, textured concrete pads for trash cans also tend to improve the cleanliness of garbage collection areas. And they also give your business yet another “canvas” for architectural branding and design, should you wish to extend that into your garbage collection area.

If you want to unlock the benefits and long-term savings of concrete pads for trash cans and dumpsters, look no further than Sam The Concrete Man!


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